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Kan thenawmte compound ah naupang pathum in cricket ball an vaw lut a, in neitupa in gate atangin a hau tun tun a, naupang ho chu ngawi rengin kawnglaiah cricket bat nen an ding tham a, ka kalpelh pahin ka nui ka nui mai.


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Reliance Supermarket has started using paper bags instead of polythene ones to keep your veggies (but I never buy my veggies there, still prefer the old fashioned shops). They still use the polythene ones for general purchases, for people who don’t carry their own shopping bags. Charges us a cool 3 rupees too. Nice profit, Reliance!

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Test Post

Hello WordPress. Testing new theme. Yet another blog. The government should fix the ceiling for how many blogs a person can start (and abandon after a few posts). This might help keep psychos like me in line.

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Saw a man on a bike awkwardly holding a bouquet.

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