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On my table

It’s an old computer table, not very big but with a very smooth surface. I use it for ironing my clothes and eating my food and keeping all sorts of things. At 8:46 this morning these are the things on the table:

Avon Naturals Facewash -1

Biotique Pore Tightening Freshener – 1

Mineral water bottles – 3

Roll of toilet paper – 1

Makeup pouch -1

Pens – 2

Measuring tape – 1

Lakm̩ Rose Powder Р1

Cellphone – 1

Pair of scissors – 1

Ruler – 1

Jar of Vaseline – 1

Small notepad – 1

Mirror – 1

Books – 4 (Fifty Shades trilogy and The Secret of the Nagas)

Bottle of Lotion+ Rosewater – 1

Box of Earbuds – 1

Cup of tea – 1

Cheese Sandwich – 1

Harclip – 1

Comb – 1

Crizal soft cloth (for cleaning spectacles) – 1

Vichy Normaderm – 1

Crossword bookmark – 1

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Returning from a four-day trip with my friends, I was down with slight fever and cold for the past two days. Today is the third day, and though the symptoms have abated (mostly due to a lot of rest), I am up and about now. But cannot shake off this numbness. Numbness in the body, brain, everywhere. Everything is distant, unreachable, unrelatable.Maybe I should listen to this song.

And I know I may end up failing too
But I know you were just like me with someone disappointed in you

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Was waiting at the traffic signal this morning when all of a sudden a screaming fleet of ambulances flew past on the other side. Everyone was quiet, and I bet we all thought the same thing: Did something bad happen at some public place? Didn’t hear anything bad all day, so I’m just assuming all is well.

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